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Respect Our Planet

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Hornblower created the Respect Our Planet environmental management and education program to promote best practices throughout our business, and to encourage our guests to adopt such practices in their lives. Our goal is to protect the beautiful places where we live and work: that means purchasing green products, implementing recycling programs, building the innovative Hornblower Hybrid boat and more.

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Clean air. Clean water. Clean future.

At Hornblower, we make decisions with those three objectives in mind. Our pioneering Respect Our Planet program encourages environmental stewardship throughout the company; at the same time, we inspire our guests and business partners to take action in their own communities.

To make Hornblower an ever-more more sustainable company, and to continue educating others, we’ve set the following Respect Our Planet goals:

  • Showcase advancements made by Hornblower companies to become greener.
  • Educate people on how to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Motivate people to take action in small or large ways.
  • Partner with leading organizations to provide people the opportunity to make environmentally friendly purchasing decisions.
  • Use our location and company resources to educate children on conservation and environmental awareness.

See how we’re meeting these goals, read our environmental blogs and view pictures of the Hornblower Hybrid at www.respectourplanet.com.

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"The maritime industry has not made any significant leaps in propulsion technology since the introduction of the diesel engine on commercial vessels in the early 1900's and we intend to lead and inspire a wave of advancement to continue until this industry can function in harmony with our environment."

– Terry MacRae
CEO, Hornblower Cruises and Events

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