Star of India seen from Hornblower Cruises
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Star of India Spectator Cruise

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Happy 150th Birthday to the STAR!

Hornblower will follow the Star of India out to sea to allow passengers a close up view of the world's oldest active iron-hulled ship. This is a spectacle you won't want to miss!

Star of India seen from Hornblower Cruises

Hornblower Cruises and Events helped us realize that any event you can do on land can also be done on the water. The only difference is my guests will remember those views from the Bay much better then any indoor venue.

– Jenna H

Seeing the Star under sail is one of those "ahhh" moments. I just got a new camera I wanted to try out and this cruise was perfect for me to capture the action of the sailing ship and San Diego Bay sights.

– Rick K

Check the view from our cruise stream now. Watch Videos »

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