Frequently Asked Questions

From weather to attire, and dining to drinks. From tip to toe here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about our Baltimore fleet.

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Getting Ready

Are any discounts available? +

Any available discounts may be found on our "Offers & Deals" page.

Are there any age requirements for children? +

Children are welcome on most standard lunch and dinner cruises and children under 3 are complimentary. However, we do have certain cruises that are restricted to adults 21+ with photo ID. Our 21+ cruises will note the age restriction on the cruise landing page as well as during the check-out process. Adults boarding 21+ cruises will required to show a photo ID.

Can I make changes to my reservation? +

You may add tickets or upgrades to your cruise through the link in your confirmation email. You are unable to remove tickets or upgrades online, but our customer service center can further assist at 1 (866) 305-2469.

All cruise tickets are non-refundable. However, for parties of 19 guests or fewer you may reschedule your cruise free of charge with at least seven days advance notice. If you must reschedule your cruise less than one week prior to the cruise date, you will incur a rebooking fee. For Lunch and Moonlight Cruises, the fee is $15 per person. For Dinner Cruises, the fee is $25 per person. The balance of your payment will be held on your account and can be applied toward a future cruise within the next year. All Specialty and Holiday Cruises are non-refundable and non-transferable. For parties larger than 20 please consult the terms of your contract.

Can I purchase tickets online? +

For parties of 19 guests or less, tickets are available for online purchase. We ask that groups of 20 or more contact us so one of our event coordinators can assist with your event.

Do you sail in inclement weather? +

Absolutely. Our ships are fully enclosed and climate-controlled for your comfort. We sail rain or shine all year long.

How long is the cruise? +

Our dining cruises range between 2-3 hours. Water taxis, sightseeing cruises and excursions have varying lengths.

I had an issue with my cruise experience? What now? +

Our guests are our number one priority and we strive to provide the ultimate guest experience. In the event that your cruise has not met your expectations, please call your local Hornblower number with specifics of your experience. We'd love the opportunity to make it right.

Is there a group rate? +

We offer group rates for parties of 20 or more on all of our standard cruises. Pricing is subject to change due to availability and cruise date

Is there still availability? +

Our cruise calendar lists all available tickets. If you do not see the desired cruise listed, please call us to ensure availability.

What are your age requirements? +

We ask that any guests under the age of 18 are accompanied by an adult.

What do I need to bring in order to pick up my tickets? +

We ask that guests have photo identification and their cruise order number handy to pick up the tickets. Our ticket booths open one hour prior to cruise boarding time and are conveniently located near our ship's docking location.

What happens if my cruise is cancelled? +

Our cruises take place rain or shine. However, in the rare event that the Coast Guard prohibits cruised due to inclement weather, our staff will contact you directly to make other arrangements.

What happens in inclement weather? +

Our cruises take place rain or shine. However, in the rare event that the Coast Guard prohibits cruises due to inclement weather, our staff will contact you directly to make other arrangements.

What if I lost something on board? +

We're happy to coordinate an inquiry with our boats to locate lost items. Please e-mail [email protected] with the name of vessel, date of event/cruise date, confirmation number, contact information and a description of the item so that our team is best equipped to search. 

What is "boarding time" and "cruising time"? +

"Boarding Time" is the earliest our guests may board the ship, approximately 30 minutes prior to the "Cruise Time.” Tickets are available for guest pick-up one hour prior to your cruise at our dockside kiosk. Our vessels will leave the dock promptly at the start of the cruising time.

What is a marine fee? +

Marine fees include, but are not limited to: fuel surcharges, docking fees, vessel licensing, as well as other costs associated with operating a commercial cruise business

What is an administration fee? +

The administration fee is used to cover direct costs, not representative of a tip or gratuity, for our service staff.

What is the cruise route? +

Our cruise routes are located on the cruise's landing page. To locate the route, on the website navigation, click "dining cruises" and select the page for the cruise type that you booked (dinner, lunch, brunch, or the specific holiday or special event listed).

What is your cancellation policy? +

- Cruise tickets are non-refundable, however, we do allow guests of parties 19 or fewer to reschedule their cruise at no extra charge, provided at least seven days advance notice is given.
-A rebooking fee will be incurred by guests who are unable to provide the minimum of seven days notice. For Lunch and Moonlight Cruises, rebooking fees are $15 per person. For Dinner Cruises, rebooking fees are $25 per person. The cruise will hold the balance of your payment on your account to be applied towards a future cruise booked within the next year.
- All Holiday & Special Event Cruises are non-refundable and non-transferable.
- Should your group be larger than 20 guests, we ask you to refer to your Terms of Contract for specific cancellation policy details.

What is your pet policy? +

Service animals and psychiatric support animals (dogs and mini horses) are permitted onboard, we ask that they are harnessed, leashed or tethered unless these devices interfere with the service animal's ability to work or the individual's disability prevents using these devices. No other pets are permitted on our vessels.

What should I expect when boarding? +

You will be asked to show your ticket upon boarding. In accordance with US Coast Guard Regulation, all passengers and their belongings embarking onto our vessels are subject to search and screening. To expedite the boarding process,  we ask that you do not bring unnecessary bags onboard and please ensure that all gifts are unwrapped or placed in gift bags or for easy screening.

What should I wear on my cruise? +

Dinner Cruises
We recommend casually stylish attire such as nice pants or jeans, polos, button-down shirts, and sundresses or skirts. Although allowed, we strongly discourage t-shirts, casual jeans, shorts, and sneakers.

All Other Cruises
Relaxed and casual attire is acceptable. As we are cruising on the water, we recommend wearing flat closed-toe shoes (although not enforced)

Where can I park for Spirit of Baltimore & Inner Harbor Spirit Cruises? +

The Spirit of Baltimore & Inner Harbor Spirit are adjacent to the Maryland Science Center. 561 Light Street • Baltimore, MD 21202

We are pleased to offer a validated ticket price of $8.00 per car parked for up to 10 hours in the Habor Court Garage located at 30 E Lee Street, Baltimore, MD 21202.
Bring your parking slip with you for validation at our ticket booth. Additional parking is available at Arrow Parking Garage, 11 E Lee Street Baltimore, MD 21202.

Where do I pick up my tickets? +

Our ticket booths are located near the ship's docking location. Guests are able to pick up their ticket on hour prior to boarding time, we ask that guests provide photo identification and their order number when picking up tickets.

Where is my confirmation email? +

If you have not received your confirmation e-mail, please check your spam filter. If you still cannot find it call us or e-mail [email protected] 

While on Board

Do you have bars onboard? What ID do I need to bring? +

Full-service cash-bars are available on board for our guest 21+ who possess a valid ID (State Issued Identification (Driver’s License), Military ID, US or Foreign Passport or Passport Card, US Liquor ID). We are unable to accept photocopies. Global entry ID is not a valid form of ID for proof of age.

Does my Inner Harbor Sightseeing tour include food and drink? +

Our sightseeing tours do not include food and drink onboard. However, light concessions are available for purchase from our onboard snack bar as well as cocktails, wine & beer from our well-stocked cash bar.

Is my boat wheelchair accessible? +

The majority of our fleet decks and restrooms are able to accommodate most standard-sized wheelchairs. We ask that for specific accessibility concerns you please call the local Hornblower number and ensure that you are seated on an accessible deck.

Is there WiFi onboard? +

We're pleased to provide onboard WiFi for our guests. 

What entertainment is provided on Inner Harbor Spirit? +

Our guests are treated to an engaging onboard narration that highlights the best views of storied sites such as the USS Constellation, Fells Point, the National Aquarium, the John W Brown Liberty Ship and more.

What ID do I need to bring to order an alcoholic beverage? +

We accept the following forms of ID for alcoholic beverages: State Issued Identification (Driver’s License), Military ID, US or Foreign Passport or Passport Card, US Liquor ID. We are unable to accept photocopies . Global Entry ID is not a valid form of ID for proof of age.

What is your smoking policy? +

We permit smoking on the exterior decks, except for the rooftop lounge, however, smoking is not permitted in the vessel's interior.

What kind of table will we have? How many guests fit at our table? +

While our tables typically accommodate up to 8 people, larger parties will be seated at adjacent tables.

Will I get seasick? +

As our ships cruise on calm bodies of water, seasickness is unlikely due to our stability - most guests can hardly tell we are moving!

Will I have cell service onboard? +

Our cruise routes keep us within one mile from the shore, ensuring that most cellular services are unaffected by cruises. 


How do you accommodate for food allergies? +

Our vessels do not permit any outside food, however, for specific dietary requests, please call us to ensure we are able to accommodate your concerns.

While we do our best by trying to offer gluten and allergy free products as well as gluten sensitive menu items, we openly handle several allergens throughout our galleys. While we take precautions to keep ingredients separate, we cannot guarantee a gluten free environment. We do not have separate prep surfaces, cook tops or equipment. Our chefs prepare and cook in common areas with shared equipment, therefore the items may come in contact with other food products.

What drinks are included? +

During your cruise, guests are treated to complimentary hot tea, iced tea and coffee. Adult beverages are also available onboard for purchase for those 21+ with valid ID.

What is on the menu? +

All cruise dining menus are located on that cruise's landing page. On the navigation bar, click on "dining cruises" - and then select the page for the cruise type that you booked (dinner, lunch, brunch, or the specific holiday or special event)

Our chef-curated menus feature freshly prepared and seasonally inspired cuisine. Please note that menu items listed are subject to change. Vegan and vegetarian options are available by request. While we try to accommodate all dietary concerns, if there are any allergies in your party, please inform your server onboard.