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Celebrating Dolphins in San Diego

Did you know that March is Dolphin Awareness Month? To celebrate, Hornblower San Diego is featuring a dolphin species every week. Dolphins are toothed whales in the Delphinidae Family. Off the coast of San Diego, we regularly see four Dolphin Species- Long-Beaked Common Dolphins, Short- Beaked Common Dolphins, Common Bottlenose Dolphins and Pacific White-Sided Dolphins […]

A Sparkling Wedding on a Historic Sternwheeler.

Built in Louisiana, the San Francisco Belle was once used as a floating casino on the Missouri River. With ornate detailing that recalls the elegant riverboats of the 1800s, she is now one of our favorite wedding locations. Marsha and Nathan tied the knot on September 30th aboard the San Francisco Belle. The ceremony was held […]

A Sweet San Francisco Vow Renewal

A vow renewal is a beautiful way to celebrate your marriage and your love. No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s a way to tell the world you’d do it all over again. Some couples do it to mark big anniversaries, while others have a vow renewal every year, because who doesn’t like a […]

How a Surprise Proposal Turned Into a Sunset Reception

Lindsey and Mike were married on September 1st. The ceremony was held offsite at UC Botanical Garden in Berkeley. Once their “I Do’s” were exchanged, the happy couple and their 70 guests proceeded onto the Berkeley Marina where they boarded the Sunset Hornblower for their wedding reception. Their evening was spent taking in the sweeping […]

Winter Whale & Dolphin Watching Cruises Began with a Splash

Last Saturday, Hornblower Cruises & Events in San Diego began a new season of whalewatching cruises! So far we’ve spotted the first migrating Eastern Pacific Gray Whales off the coast of San Diego. Most of the grays are traveling south to the Calving Lagoons in Baja California, Mexico. One young Gray Whale seemed to be […]

2019 Holiday Gift Guide: The Experience Edition

How to buy less stuff and make more memories this holiday season Do you ever feel tired of giving, receiving, and eventually getting rid of stuff? We sure do. This holiday season, think outside the gift box and give your family and friends experiences instead. Because toys break. Clothes go out of style. Gadgets are […]

In Favor of a New Tradition this Holiday Season

Find your perfect holiday tradition to bring family and friends together The phrase “holiday tradition” conjures up a different image for everyone. When I hear those words, I’m instantly transported to my childhood home. I’m curled up with my family around the fireplace, nestled together, buried under blankets. It’s cold outside and the only light […]

Winter Whale and Dolphin Watching Cruises on Sale!

Splash Sale! For a limited time, Hornblower’s Whale & Dolphin Watching Adventure Cruise Tickets are only $30 per person for Monday  through Friday cruises (a savings of $15 per person)! Call (619) 686-8715 to reserve. Our Whale Watching Season featuring migrating Gray Whales lasts through April 19, 2020.  Must purchase a specific cruise date with […]

Holiday Activities to Bring You Together

Tips for stress-free family fun this holiday season The holiday season is nothing if not busy. Between all the shopping, cooking, and gift-giving — all undoubtedly important parts of celebrating the holidays — it’s easy to overlook the most important thing: spending quality time with the people you love. This year, make quality time a […]

4 Ways to Eliminate Holiday Stress

Holiday Planning Tips for Your Most Festive and Fun Season Ever The holiday season is a magical time of year. Chilly nights with the promise of snow. Cozy evenings curled up by the fireplace. Twinkling lights, delicious food, and time spent with loved ones. But the holiday season is also a stressful time of year. […]