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Blue Whale Watching in San Diego

BLUE WHALE  Balaenoptera musculus The blue whale a rorqual, a family that also includes the humpback whale, fin whale, Bryde’s whale, sei whale, Omura’s whale, and minke whale. On land an animal the size of a blue whale would be crushed by its own weight without the support of large heavy bones. Because its body is supported […]

Gray Whale

Description: The average size of a gray whale is approximately 11 to 15 meters (36–50 feet) long, and it may weigh up to 45,000 kg (49.6 tons). Like other baleen whales, females grow larger than males. Seen from above, a gray whale’s body tapers at both ends, and is a dark slate color that can […]

The Hornblower Difference

What a difference Hornblower makes! You have choices on your vacation in San Diego…here’s why we think you should pick Hornblower in San Diego! ALL CRUISES Never have to share tables with strangers All yachts Climate controlled interiors, includes AC or Heat Free WiFi Multiple Bathrooms Tables and moveable chairs NIGHTLY DINNER CRUISE Private tables […]

How a Surprise Proposal Turned Into a Sunset Reception.

Start Planning Today Lindsey and Mike were married on September 1st. The ceremony was held offsite at UC Botanical Garden in Berkeley. Once their “I Do’s” were exchanged, the happy couple and their 70 guests proceeded onto the Berkeley Marina where they boarded the Sunset Hornblower for their wedding reception. Their evening was spent taking […]

Why Team Building Should Always be a Priority

Start Planning Today Company culture is as important – in fact, sometimes even more so – than compensation, so it’s surprising that when it comes to creating a great company culture, team building is often overlooked. “If we’re getting everything done, then why does it matter?” can be the response. But getting everything done doesn’t […]

How to Win at Employee Appreciation This Summer

Start Planning Today We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again – great employees make a company great! When wooing a potential employee, companies often have their pitch down pat. Offer a great compensation package, a few perks, and with a little razzle-dazzle, you’ve found yourself the perfect fit. But what now? All of those […]

Watching Blue Whales with Hornblower Cruises in San Diego

In the past few weeks, Blue Whales have been regularly spotted of the coast of San Diego. Soon, Hornblower Cruises & Events will offer Whale Watching cruises that head out to sea in search of Blues and other baleen whales. Our summer whale watching cruises begin June 28 and run from Fridays to Mondays through […]

A Romantic and Unforgettable Newport Beach Wedding

SARAH AND RYAN’S WEDDING ABOARD THE NEWPORT MOJO We love when we get to plan a wedding as sweet as the couple themselves. Despite living in Minneapolis, Sarah and Ryan made the decision to get married in Southern California. Planning a wedding long distance can sometimes come with a unique set of challenges, but working […]

The Big Wedding This Bride Always Dreamed of.

“My wedding was seriously a dream come true and I wish I could go back and freeze time because it was literally that AMAZING!” Those are the words we love to hear after any couple says “I do” on a Hornblower yacht. With Monica and Michael, we didn’t even have to ask them — they were […]