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Category: Seabirds

11 Less-Common Seabirds to See on San Diego Bay

We previously posted about the most common seabirds that you may see during a Hornblower Whale Watch cruise. Here are some other species, including several species of herons, which are less common to see within the Bay. Reddish egret (Egretta rufescens) The reddish egret is a fairly large heron with a gray body, a reddish neck, and bluish-black gray legs. Its bill is mostly pink and tipped with black. This active…

10 Most Common Seabirds to See on a San Diego Whale Watch Cruise

While spotting whales and dolphins is usually the highlight of a whale watching cruise, San Diego boasts hundreds of bird species, including many species you may see during a Hornblower Whale Watching cruise. Below are the most common seabirds spotted in San Diego Bay and along the coast. Western gull (Larus occidentalis) This large gull is one of the most abundant and common gulls seen along the Southern California coast. Adults…

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