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Pet friendly cruises, Sunday Champagne Brunch with your dog

Bow Wow Brunch Cruise

The only dog friendly San Diego Brunch Cruise anywhere!

Dogs are invited to the exclusive Bow Wow Buffet! The 7th Annual Bow Wow Brunch Cruise is offered to help raise money and awareness about orphaned pets at Helen Woodward Animal Center. This cruise not only helps helpless animals, it puts smiles on the faces of many dog lovers in San Diego. Portion of proceeds will go to Helen Woodward Animal Center.

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Pet friendly cruises, Sunday Champagne Brunch with your dog

Bow wow yo, yippy yay...this was our doggie's finest day! The Hornblower has all sorts of different themed cruises departing from the San Diego Harbor, but I'll bet this is the most unique and most cutest event yet. Pudgy little pugs, prissy pomeranians, wise weimaraners, lovable labradors, gargantuan great danes all congregated with their human pets on a wonderful brunch buffet cruise. Officially, it's called the "Bow Wow Brunch Buffet Cruise" adventurously sponsored by the Hornblower cruise lines. I couldn't help but crinkle my nose with cuteness! Instead of hearing the hum of small talk at the tables, they were over shot by all of the woofs, barks, A-roo's, and yips. There were three different levels of the boat that the dogs could travel on: The bottom level was the first stop for humans where it included the lunch buffet. I carefully arranged the items I placed on my plate to make room for the good stuff at the end of the line. I had salad, a seafood spread, sauteed mushrooms, fruit, freshly made croissants and danishes, potatoes, ziti macaroni and cheese, french toast topped with fruit filled syrup, thick slices of bacon and sausages, eggs benedict, a cold shrimp platter, and some stuff from the carving station of turkey and roast beef. Everything was well done! It was funny, though....all of these people OBVIOUSLY spoil their dogs, so it was quite apparent that they were feeding their dogs part of the buffet food. They were munching on leftover bacon, sausages, and roast beef, but I overheard someone say, "I found out today that my dog doesn't like shrimp". lol. *btw, our waitress offered to watch our dog if we wanted to go get food or use the restroom. Although, she also said that we are able to bring the dog into the restroom. The top level included a great scenic view of San Diego's harbor a doggie treat buffet, as well as a 'restroom' for your dogs on a big square chunk of fake grass. Really fabulous views of SD harbor, another prissy and fun place to bring your pooch, and everybody seems to just be having a great time!

– Allison Y

It's great that Hornblower does the Bow Wow cruises. We plan on going every year. Also we enjoyed the cruise so much we are planning on doing a dinner cruise.

– Larry O

Thank you for making today's Hornblower Bow Wow cruise such a fun event! We discovered your dog-friendly cruises earlier this year when we attended Pet Day on the Bay. We loved it so much, when we heard about the brunch we knew we had to go! We think what you're doing is fantastic, and are happy to support you in any way we can. We are always telling people about Hornblower Cruises and what a good time we have on them. Thank you again...all of you at Hornblower Cruises are doing a wonderful job!

– Suzan, Chris, Pumpkin Pie and Brucie