Big Bay Whale Watching Festival in San Diego
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Whale Festival is Sat. Jan. 25th

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Free Family Fun at the San Diego Whale Festival

This waterfront celebration with a fun family theme is in honor of the whales each year to mark the return of Whale Watching season and the California Gray Whale.

Whale Watching Festival in San Diego

The trip was a blast! We saw several groups of whales, Navy ships, a submarine and much much more. Captain Rick was great too.

– Jane D

Great cruise. Great crew. Beautiful weather. Couldn't have asked for anything better. I've lived in San Diego for 37 years and have never been on a whale watching cruise (if you can believe that) so this was a wonderfully anticipated experience.

– Mary T

Knowing it was early in the year for Whale Migration, what a treat it was to see a grey Whale. Capt. Bill and his crew were very professional and very respectful of the whale and very informative. We enjoyed it very much.

– Tim G

Every year I take students whale watching and I have tried different companies. Hornblower, You are the best. This year, I took a group of 100 students and (we) were lucky to have seen whales. The "adventure" is the best vessel I've gone whale watching on. The size helps so the rocking of the waves does not feel too harsh on them. The space is perfect so people can move around. Everyone was delighted

– June P

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